'Man of Steel' Trailer: Super-Mega-Action Takes Center Stage

Tuesday, 21 May 2013 19:09 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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'Man of Steel' Trailer: Super-Mega-Action Takes Center Stage

The fourth theatrical trailer for Man of Steel does what no previous trailer for the Superman reboot has done yet, setting up a legitimate threat to the mightiest superhero around, and showing off just how mighty these Kryptonians look in action.

Action is the key word here. 

Not just action.  Action.

Specifically combat between superbeings and the collateral damage that ensues.  We're talking about hand to hand combat of a scale and speed that these massively powered characters allow.  Superman isn't just flying really fast, he's going at ballistic speeds and throwing punches with General Zod and Faora.

Speaking of which, this trailer does away with the touchstones of the mythos that have been established in the marketing of Man of Steel over months and months.  At this point, audiences are willing to get down with this take on Superman's origin, so with the June 14th release date coming at us faster than a locomotive, Warner Bros. is showing off the summer movie spectacle that we've all known has been kept back throughout the selling of this Supes. 

That means Zod takes center stage here.  Instead of Jor-El or Jonathan Kent walking Clark through his journey, instead of an aspirational tone, we get the villain making first contact with Earth.  And threatening to kill us all if we don't hand over the Kryptonian hidden among us.

We knew that the the sheer spectacle would be put on display sooner or later.  After all, this is a Zack Snyder movie.  Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures didn't hire Snyder to leave the action at Superman lifting progressively heavier objects.  They hired Snyder, at least in part, to create a cinematic Superman who isn't just throwing punches, but is striking heroic poses against insanely detailed visuals that aspire to conjure up Snyder's favorite word: awesome.

So now it's being laid on thick.

Still a little odd that we hear so little from Henry Cavill here.  No matter how many mind-boggling, planet-shifting battles Snyder stages, the whole enterprise rests on Cavill's shoulders.  If we don't believe him and feel for him, then all the megapunches and laserblasts won't make the difference.  From what we've seen, though, it looks like Cavill ought to pull it off. 

He's certainly got an effective bad guy to go up against, as Michael Shannon's Zod is sort of a nightmare here.  He's intimidating enough in his threatening terseness, then he actually shows up in Giger-y wet dream of a spacesuit.  The sight of Superman sinking in hundreds of skulls suggests this is a full-blown genocidal nutbag our hero is dealing with in his inaugural adventure.

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