'The Lone Ranger' Clip and Featurette: Physical Comedy and Dust Storms

Friday, 28 June 2013 08:06 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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'The Lone Ranger' Clip and Featurette: Physical Comedy and Dust Storms

Just five days out from the would-be blockbuster's July 3rd release, the first clip from The Lone Ranger is now online.

And it's accompanied by yet another "docupod," a little behind the scenes featurette that focuses on just how windy, dusty, and generally inhospitable shooting on location proved for the crew.

He doesn't have the cultural status as masked heroes wearing spandex these days, but the title character has been kicking around across all manner of media since making his radio debut in 1933.  His first modern event movie is, of course, an origin story explaining just why the Lone Ranger adopted the mask in the first place.

The answer as to why Armie Hammer is wearing that mask seems to be principally because Tonto, played by Johnny Depp, told him to.  And since the Native American resurrected our hero after an attack that claimed his whole posse, out hero is inclined to agree with the mysterious Tonto.

This first clip, available in HD at Apple, takes place before the posse-slaying and mask-wearing.  It's a bit of over-the-top physical comedy, as pre-Ranger John Reid, a city slicker lawyer taking a crack at frontier policing, attempts to arrest Tonto.  The attempt does not go well, suggesting that the Lone Ranger may be the butt of many a joke in The Lone Ranger.

And here's the latest docupod, in which you can see Gore Verbinski and Jerry Bruckheimer dealing with some grit.

Let's run through the featurettes for this movie we've seen lately, shall we?

There's the one where Depp falls off a horse, the one where Hammer and Ruth Wilson go to cowboy camp, and the one where Hammer hang out in on a vertigo-inducing platform.

James Badge Dale, the actor who stole Flight out from under Denzel Washington with one scene, plays John Reid's older brother in The Lone Ranger.  He shows up at the very end of the clip above, and his presence is promising.  Dale, also great in Shame, is having a good summer, giving a superpower henchman some swagger in Iron Man 3 and bringing a sense of humor to his soldier character in World War Z.

IAR Managing Editor Jami Philbrick talked to James Badge Dale about The Lone Ranger, and you can view that exclusive interview by clicking here.

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