Insane 'Escape From Tomorrow' Trailer: Disney World as a Lynchian Trip

Wednesday, 11 September 2013 08:52 Written by  Jordan DeSaulnier
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Insane 'Escape From Tomorrow' Trailer: Disney World as a Lynchian Trip

The first trailer for Escape From Tomorrow is only a minute long, but it takes way less time than that for the trailer to make you ask yourself just how this movie isn't being sued into oblivion by Disney.

For his first feature, writer-director Randy Moore filmed for a total of twenty-five days at Disneyland and Disney World utterly without permission from a famously litigious corporate behemoth.  In some of the most controlled, closely observed environments in the country.  With a budget of less than $1 million, he and his crew used a variety of tricks to shoot guerilla-style at Disney parks, somehow avoiding detection before editing Escape From Tomorrow in South Korea to avoid any attention from the conglomerate.

Not only did Moore somehow get the movie made, but it's actually getting released.  The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, and its audacity immediately made it the subject of lots of discussion.  But the assumption was that Escape From Tomorrow would move beyond the festival circuit.  After all, it includes recognizable attractions like Space Mountain and was, I must reiterate, shot illegally.

The black and white film, a phantasmagoric paranoid nightmare through the happiest place on Earth, will hit theaters and VOD on October 11th, and The Playlist debuted the first trailer to prove it.

Okay, really, when is Disney going to crush this thing?  Can we get a book or something explaining, in great detail, how Moore managed to get Escape From Tomorrow made and what strange legal line the film is walking to avoid the mighty hand of Mickey?

So the trailer conveys just what insanity awaits audiences here, but doesn't relate much of the story itself.

Roy Abramsohn stars as a husband and father who discovers that he has lost his job while on vacation with his wife and two daughters.  Over the course of one long day park-hopping with his two little tykes, the man's grasp on reality loosens, turning into a surreal nightmare that could also be some sort of sinister conspiracy.  This upstanding pater familias also engages in undeniable scumbag behavior, following around and leching after a pair of flirtatious French teenagers all day.

Somehow, Escape From Tomorrow is happening.  It ought to make a tremendous double feature with Disney's own Saving Mr. Banks.

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