Jordan DeSaulnier

Jordan DeSaulnier

Last week, the first trailer for next year's Evil Dead remake put self-mutilation, Deadites, and sexual assault by trees on front street.  Exactly what inspires all that grueling terror?  A book.  The Necronomicon.  Anyone familiar with Sam Raimi's original Evil Dead or its sequels Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness are familiar with the book, but the first look at the remake version of this thoroughly nasty text have appeared online.

While many sights associated with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, like Gandalf smoking the Halfling's Leaf or Hobbiton bustling with hobbits, spark out nostalgia for the cinematic Lord of the Rings Trilogy, it's the sounds that really seal the deal.  Specifically, it's the musical accompaniment provided by three-time Oscar winner Howard Shore.  The composer's latest contribution to Middle Earth is, of course, the score for An Unexpected Journey, and today Warner Bros has unveiled album artwork and track listings for both the regular and special edition soundtrack albums.

Night hasn't even fallen and I've already seen three three witches this Halloween.  The first two were out in the world shouting their excitement about being witches, and the third is right here in a rather snazzy new piece of promotional artwork for Oz: The Great and Powerful.

Yet another batch of unofficial pictures from the set of the RoboCop remake have made their way online, providing bright, clear images of Joel Kinnaman as the title character astride his now familiar matching RoboCycle.

The halting, graceless dance of updates on Ghostbusters 3 continues, as it has done for years and will likely do long after we're all dead.  When the necromancers roam a scorched, post-apocalyptic Earth, there will somehow still be news stories reporting that a second sequel to the 1984 classic Ghostbusters is imminent, only to be countered by news that New York's foremost paranormal investigators won't be returning any time soon.

"When I say 'Easter Bunny,' what's the first thing that pops into your mind?"  That question kicks off another character featurette promoting next month's Rise of the Guardians, and the answer that follows encapsulates the animated feature's rambunctious, adventurous approach to familiar holiday figures.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012 08:24

A Bumper Crop of New 'Django Unchained' Images

Next year, we may very well be seeing some Halloween costumes depicting characters from Quentin Tarantino's upcoming saga of slavery, vengeance, and bad language, so why not preemptively study some outfits with ten new images from Django Unchained?

On any day not inundated with frenzied Lucasfilm-Disney talk, this would be the biggest news going: Bryan Singer will indeed step in to direct X-Men: Days of Future Past, a sequel to a prequel to his first X-Men movie.

Okay, Disney is buying Lucasfilm and lining up a 2015 release date for Star Wars: Episode VII.  In related news, millions of Star Wars fans just passed out at their keyboards.

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