Jordan DeSaulnier

Jordan DeSaulnier

Now that he's finished up his gubernatorial politics vanity project and somehow weathered that whole illegitimate child dust-up, Arnold Schwarzenegger is ready to once again star in action movies where no effort is made to hide his thick Austrian accent.  These include taking his old successes out of mothballs.  While Terminator 5 isn't making any progress at the moment, Schwarzenegger will be returning to another iconic series with The Legend of Conan.

Thursday, 25 October 2012 11:37

Ming-Na Wen Joins Marvel's 'SHIELD' TV Show

Having fulfilled the promise of a shared cinematic universe with The Avengers and made huge money-mounds int he process, Marvel Studios and Disney are taking the comic book action to television with the SHIELD series going to pilot under the direction of Joss Whedon.  The series will largely forego spandex in favor of the suits and ties sported by SHIELD agents.  Now we know who will be playing one of the lead agents, as Ming-Na Wen has joined the pilot's cast.

Apparently this is indeed A Good Day to Die Hard.  The second trailer for the fifth explode-tastic adventure of John McClane has dropped online, along with many a spent shell and, yes, a lot of stuff blowing up real good-like.

Wreck-It Ralph is just over a week away from rolling out in 2D and 3D at a theater near you, and Disney continues to sell the animated feature as a distinctly Pixar-like blend of cleverness and heartfelt emotion despite not actually being a product of the Pixar Animation Studios.  A newly-released featurette includes some new footage, but is mostly all about the voice cast explaining the basics of their characters and laying out the story.

What's the best way for 20th Century Fox to inform unsuspecting moviegoers that next year's fifth Die Hard movie is indeed a Die Hard movie that also takes wisecracking cop turned impervious destruct-O-machine John McClane to Russia?  With the first A Good Day to Die Hard teaser poster that makes the setting entirely explicit by playing on McClane's signature bit of profanity.

What do sexually repressed vampires who try desperately not to drink human blood do for fun in the sparsely populated forest around Forks, Washington?  A brand new clip from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 shows that these sparkly creatures of the night are big on feats of strength, especially arm wrasslin'.

It's been some times since an image of a shirtless Hugh Jackman in next summer's The Wolverine made us all feel bad about our bodies, so how about a new look at Logan in his natural state: topless.  The state of nature actually extends to his pre-adamantium claws, a misleading bit of visual information, apparently, since we've just learned that The Wolverine is not, in fact, a prequel.

Another clip from Life of Pi is making the rounds, and unlike the only other clip we've seen from Ang Lee's fantastical tale, this one doesn't feature a swarm of flying fishes or a tense showdown between a youngster and a tiger.  This glimpse at Life of Pi is altogether more laid back, and while it doesn't sell the 3D like the first clip, it does show off the film's painterly beauty.

Sam Raimi's original Evil Dead was sold as "The ultimate experience in grueling terror" back in 1981.  The first teaser trailer for the new Evil Dead remake produced by Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Ash himself Bruce Campbell, has splattered its way online, and the thoroughly red-band trailer suggests that the remake is aggressively looking to claim that "grueling terror" title.

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