Jordan DeSaulnier

Jordan DeSaulnier

The title of Captain America: The Winter Soldier tops us off to just who will be the primary villain in the sequel, but Cap's second modern adventure can't be a one-on-one affair.  That means secondary villains.  One of those villains adding mayhem to The Winter Soldier's antics, Crossbones, will definitely be played by Frank Grillo.

Two weeks ago, a trio of deleted scenes from The Amazing Spider-Man arrived online to briefly shed just the tiniest bit of light on some of the reboot's excised material and the "untold story" that didn't get told.  Those scenes were eventually scrubbed from legitimate corners of the internet, so act quickly in order to see the huge haul of deleted scenes now circulating.

What if, after their brush with death at the hands of a witch in a candy house, Hansel and Gretel grew up to be a pair of leather-clad predators slaying sorceresses across Europe in the 19th century?  That's the idea behind Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, starring Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton as the sibling duo.  A new red band trailer does most of the same things as the first trailer, but adds in some exploding bodies, while a poster goes less bloody.

Last week we saw a new trailer for A Good Day to Die Hard, which takes invulnerable cop John McClane to Russia.  Now we have a significantly less polished look at Red 2, another action sequel that will apparently find a Bruce Willis character on a mission to Moscow.

A crop of photos from the set of Red 2 have ambled online, but they're not actually from Russia.  Instead, the production is shooting exteriors on a London street mocked up and abetted by a green screen to create a facsimile of Moscow.  You can tell beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is meant to be Russia because of Willis's fuzzy hat.

After two consecutive sequels with Toy Story 3 and Cars 2, Pixar once again told an original story this summer with the fantasy adventure Brave, but the Disney and Pixar's next joint is another franchise picture.  It's Monsters University.  Since we've known Sulley and Mike for more than a decade, seeing the two monsters in some new character art definitely gets the nostalgia going.

The siren song of parties with scantily clad ladies in Halloween costumes proved too strong this weekend, and according to estimates, the domestic box office suffered as a result.  Four new wide releases performed varying degrees of not-too-great, leaving the number one spot open for Ben Affleck's Argo.

Vin Diesel is big on using Facebook to stay connected to the common man, and often, that means he shares updates and photos from whatever he's working on.  He proved his devotion to the practice recently whilst shooting the Pitch Black sequel tentatively titled Riddick, but lately he's been busy with the sixth entry in the more popular than ever The Fast and the Furious franchise. 

That means some fresh looks at Fast Six courtesy of Mr. Diesel.

After no fewer than five movies featuring the sophisticated serial killer, NBC believes there's still enough gas in the Hannibal Lecter tank for a Hannibal television series, and today we have eight stills and behind the scenes images from the pilot episode directed by David Slade.

When a season, no matter how praised or maligned, of Saturday Night Live or the The Simpons ends, there's never any doubt that another season will roll around in a few months.  The franchise based around Ian Fleming's supersuave espionage agent James Bond is even more of an institution than those shows, having been kicking around for fifty years.  So is it any surprise that Bond 24 is tentatively set for 2014?

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