Jordan DeSaulnier

Jordan DeSaulnier

The first teaser trailer for Iron Man 3 did the job of a teaser in that it got audiences excited to see the continuing adventures of its commercially.  It also suggested a tonal shift for the franchise that got Marvel Studios on its feet.  The teaser was filled with ominousness and post-traumatic stress, not the buoyant egomania that helped define Tony Stark up until now.

Now the filmmakers, including Robert Downey Jr., have offered some info-nuggets on Iron Man 3, assuring fans that the franchise isn't taking a left turn into somber introspection.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012 09:25

Fox Kicks 'Independence Day 3D' to the Curb

Like Will Smith punching the shit out of an alien invader as it attempts to rise from its downed spacecraft, 20th Century Fox has knocked out plans to re-release Independence Day in 3D.  The studio then reportedly popped a victory cigar into its mouth and declared, "Welcome to Earth."

Tomorrow, we as a nation will gather for dinner with our families and express our gratitude for Bill Murray's decades of invaluable sarcasm and wit.  So let's a get a jump on appreciating Murray with a new image from A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III with national treasure Murray in a little cowboy outfit.

Are you so hard up for news on the new Star Wars trilogy that you're breathlessly following all the directors who utter even a word related to Star Wars: Episode VII, even if they're just saying they have no interest in actually directing the thing?  Well then brace yourself, because developments are devloping and they're developing hard, but they don't involve the director of Episode VII.

Nope, Disney already has its sights set on Episode VIII and Episode IX, which now have writers in Simon Kinberg and Lawrence "Empire Strikes Back" Kasdan.

A full theatrical trailer for Jack the Giant Slayer is stomping about online, looking very much like a happily old fashioned adventure filled with chivalry, ridiculousness, swooshing shots meant to showcase 3D, and a bunch of giants taking up arms against humans.

Here at IAR, we like all manner of superheroes, and today we're proud to debut an exclusive gallery of behind the scenes images from Alter Egos, an unconventional, comedic take on superheroics that gets derring-do done in clever, tongue in cheek style.

It's still a year out from release, but Lionsgate is wasting no time building up anticipation for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.  Since the sequel is still in production, it's too early for your standard poster or even a teaser poster, really, so instead we've got a motion poster that adds a bit of movement to a familiar, fiery image.

Remember the ten-disc Blu-ray set collecting Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, and The Avengers?  The one that was supposed to be part of this holiday buying frenzy before a lawsuit delayed the September street date?  Yeah, that one.  It's now set for April, and will be accompanied by Marvel Studios' "Phase Two," along with previously unseen special features.

The directors behind two of next summer's superhero movies have piped up as to just when we'll see trailers for Man of Steel and The Wolverine.  In short: DC's heaviest hitter will have a "crazy" theatrical trailer attached to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey next month, while Marvel's favorite Canadian won't get trailerized until next year.

This week, Chris Hemsworth stars in his third movie of 2012, the Red Dawn remake which he filmed well before being anointed the God of Thunder in Thor.  Contemporary invasion action aside, Hemsworth is talking up his famous character now, dropping some insights on the currently filming Thor: The Dark World and even Steven Spielberg's next movie Robopocalypse.

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