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Monday, 07 February 2011 10:30

Rogue 5: Top 5 Super Bowl TV Ads (Products)

The big game is over, Packers brought home the Vince Lombardi Trophy, and the half time show terrified some, thrilled others. So what are your thoughts on Super Bowl XLV? Between the Black Eyed Peas and Christina Aguilera, were you happy with either performance? How about the commercials? There were a ton of entertaining ones this year, from Eminem riding through the streets of Detroit to a young Darth Vadar; this was a good year when it came to ads.

Super Bowl weekend always seems to put a damper on the box-office, and this year was no exception making it the smallest box-office total gross in 15 years. Since this also happens to be the 13th straight weekend that ticket sales sank below last year's numbers, it is a little worrisome to say the least.

We promised we’d bring it to you! Here is the wonderfully talented filmmaker, James Cameron answering questions 28 feet underwater. Check out this incredible, one-of-a-kind interview that took place this morning at the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific in California.

In this enthralling chat session, find out all about the exciting new feature Sanctum 3D which opens this Friday at a theatre near you. This fantastic webcast was very exciting, as was Cameron's praise for the film itself.  When Cameron was asked why audiences should go see the new underwater adventure, he added, “you won’t breathe for the last hour!”

He’s not kidding! Sanctum 3D is a thrilling ride that takes you deep down upon the ocean floor. This is one of the most breathtaking motion picture events you are sure to witness this year.

So check out this amazing video by clicking here and of course, go see James Cameron’s Sanctum this weekend and let us know what you think.

Simon West is a name most action fans will recognize. His resume includes such hits as Con-Air and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, but his recent film is a far more violent take on simply car chases and shoot outs. In The Mechanic, Jason Statham is an assassin-for-hire who takes on his mentor’s son (Ben Foster).

This remake of the1972 Charles Bronson cult classic serves up as Statham’s most intense and violent picture to date. The kills are extreme and shocking, but what really makes this remake interesting is the fantastic relationship between Foster and Statham. Ben brings a whole new level of talent to this kind of picture.

A few days ago, 20th Century Fox opened its doors to the media for an early look at Rio, the latest animated adventure from director Carlos Saldanha (Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Robots). This Brazilian themed motion picture features the vocal talents of Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, Leslie Mann, George Lopez, Will i. Am and Jamie Foxx.

The King’s Speech had an impressive weekend. The highly praised film earned 41% more this weekend at the box office, likely due to the twelve Academy Award nominations that it received this past Tuesday. True Grit also managed to make 4% more over the weekend, which is especially impressive as it dropped out of 350 theatres since last week.

Check out our Exclusive Interview with Fertile Ground writer/director and co-writer, Adam Gierasch and Jace Anderson.

We finish off this week of celebrating After Dark Originals with a very talented couple. Adam Gierasch and Jace Anderson are horror’s dynamic duo, contributing to such films as Mother of Tears, and the bloody entertaining remakes of The Toolbox Murders and Night of the Demons. With Fertile Ground, their latest feature, we see a very different side of horror. When iamROGUE.com spoke with Adam and Jace, we talked about the origin of the story and about working together. Both Adam and Jace made for a fantastic interview. The two are very kind, and they have a genuine love of this genre which is always wonderful.

Starting today, After Dark Originals is bringing you a brand new batch of original horror works. Make sure you check out their website and organize your movie plans if you happen to be in one of the ten areas After Dark is playing. If not, keep an eye out for video releases. It looks like a good line up this year.

Building off the success of Horrorfest: 8 Films to Die For, After Dark Films, in conjunction with Lionsgate Films and SyFy/NBC-Universal, created a new brand – AFTER DARK ORIGINALS®.

AFTER DARK ORIGINALS® (ADO®) is a series of 8 new, original, cutting edge, horror films produced specifically for release by After Dark and Lionsgate in the United States in January 2011. Following the same format as Horrorfest, ADO® features 8 very different films spanning all types of horror in the genre. ADO® has allowed After Dark to use the vast talent base it built of the most innovative and talented filmmakers from releasing 32 films over the last four years of Horrorfest. The goal, to create a new, better and higher quality of horror for the new decade….In Essence A NEW BRAND OF FEAR!

Director Gregg Araki is a stylistic freak – whatever his budget , he will always color his films with a wide spectrum of shocking sights and sounds. Nothing is too delicate or controversial for the director.

In Kaboom, Smith (Thomas Dekker) is a regular bisexual college student: he lusts after his hunky blonde surfer roommate, Thor (Chris Zylka), and he hangs with his BFF, Stella (Haley Bennett). Everything is going well for him until Smith meets a girl named London (Juno Temple). The two quickly become more than just friends, and then suddenly chaos ensues when a mysterious red-head (Nicole LaLiberte) and a witch (Roxane Mesquida) – who becomes Stella’s love interest – appear.

Dekker is terrific in the role of the protagonist: he captures perfectly the vulnerability in his sexual ambiguity. As emotionally disturbed as the rest of the characters are, they are incredibly endearing. While the rebellious anti-heroes Araki idolized in the past still haunt his artistic vision, he now seems more enlightened and optimistic. Araki, however, still takes chances in his thematic work. He always finds a way to mix sexuality, violence, murder and nudity into the story. With Kaboom, the nudity and sex is prominently explored, yet the film isn’t nearly as violent as his The Doom Generation was. This is a story primarily of sexual awakening and embracing new experiences before our time on this earth is up.

One minor problem with the film is its much-too-quick final act. After focusing so extensively on character development throughout the strangeness, it would have been nice to slow down the action before the end credits. The final few minutes are too abrupt and explosive. I guess that’s why they call it… Kaboom!

Check out our Exclusive Interview with 51 director and star, Jason Connery and Rachel Miner.

In our continued coverage of After Dark Originals which opens this Friday, iamROGUE.com had the chance to speak to director Jason Connery and his leading lady Rachel Miner about their latest, 51. They spoke about this exciting project and of course, working with After Dark Originals. Now the only thing I can tell you about 51… there will be aliens, and I don’t think they’ll be too nice.

Thursday, 27 January 2011 11:07

Rogue 10: Awesome Ocean Flicks Part 1

With the upcoming release of James Cameron’s Sanctum 3D on February 4, iamROGUE.com decided to take the boat out for a spin. Whether it is deep beneath the ocean surface or just a few feet from the shore, there have been some exciting cinematic adventures revolving around the ocean blue.

With part one of this seafaring list, we take a gander at a B-monster flick that gets an A in fun, a classic disaster at sea movie and much more. Take a look and be sure to add your favorites in the comments below.

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