And Rogue of the Year Is... Mila Kunis!

Monday, 03 January 2011 23:18 Written by  JimmyO
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And Rogue of the Year Is... Mila Kunis!

To be "Rogue" is to make your own rules and not settle. To be a Rogue of the Week, you must take a chance and do something daring. Someone who is "Rogue" deviates from the standard and won’t settle for the norm.

Our Rogue of the Year poll began with sixteen names. Each candidate was notable for doing something Rogue-worthy. In fact each of them rewarded with Rogue of the Week. Those rogue's include everybody from Helen Mirren to Halloween’s Michael Myers. They were given an equal shot thanks to your votes. It finally came down to four names for Rogue of the Year, Ron Perlman, Eminem, Mila Kunis and Michael Douglas.

On television Mila Kunis enjoyed a successful run playing Jackie on That 70’s Show. Likewise, she helps make Family Guy the hilarious show that it is by lending her voice to the character of Meg.

She carved out her place in cinema with an unforgettable role of Rachel in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Even within the landscape of a modern screwball comedy, she elicited sympathy from every single audience member with a fantastic and vivacious performance. Additionally, her portrayal of the bad girl in Mike Judge’s criminally underrated Extract was tremendous, illuminating the multi-facets of Miss Kunis. However, everything simply set the stage for her entrancing, engaging, and eloquent turn in Black Swan.

Black Swan spirals Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman into a surreal nightmare where the audience can't figure out who's the real femme fatale. The two even share one of the most erotic scenes of the year when Kunis and Portman share a kiss, and possibly more. Once again, Kunis spreads her wings and challenges herself and the audience. This time, she's the ultimate modern vixen, the “Black Swan” who is terrorizing the virginal “White Swan”… or is she?

You, the readers, made it clear that Mila Kunis possesses what it takes to be Rogue of the Year. And we agree. She is beautiful, provocative and we look forward to watching her continue to pave her own road.

Congratulations Mila!

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