Rogue of the Week: Charlie Sheen

Thursday, 03 March 2011 14:47 Written by  iamrogue
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Rogue of the Week: Charlie Sheen

Remember the scene in Jerry Maguire where, upon being fired, the sports agent played by Tom Cruise has a massive, borderline hysterical meltdown in front of his entire office and asks, "Who's coming with me?"  Then, of course, Renee Zellweger is the only one who impulsively follows him out?  Well, this week, Charlie Sheen was Jerry Maguire, and America stood up, put our goldfish in a Ziplock bag, and followed him out of the office. Just look at the sheer number of Twitter followers he gathered in less than 24 hours - over 1 million (@charliesheen)!?!

While America remains embroiled in no less than two wars, and as a serious political upheaval continues in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Pakistan, and the Ivory Coast, our national attention this week has unfailingly focused on a bad boy, sitcom star who lives with a pornographic actress and a former nanny, whom he lovingly refers to as his "goddesses."

The fact that Sheen has completely dominated the public discourse is not only a testament to the competency and standards of televised journalism, but also to Sheen’s particular brand of crazy.  The man -- born Carlos Estevez -- dispenses peculiar non-sequiturs seemingly designed for internet meme-dom; his maniacal words – evidenced by now ubiquitous phrases like #tiger blood, #winning, and #plan better  – have a certain irresistibly. 

When asked during his immediately infamous 20/20 interview, what exactly he meant when he referred to himself as a, “High Priest Vatican Assassin Warlock,” Sheen responded, “I don’t know.  All those words just sound cool together.”  He elaborated briefly, saying, “Stuff just comes out and it’s entertaining and it’s fun and it sounds different than all the other garbage people are spewing, you know?” And seriously, why not?

We’re all familiar with celebrity train wrecks by now (i.e. Lindsay Lohan, Brittany Spears, Mel Gibson - should we go on?), but Sheen seems to be having fun with it, making it almost “sound cool.”  And in a culture of constant PR obfuscation, his honesty is, to an ungodly number of folks, as refreshing as it is totally, 101 percent rogue.

Quick note: a noted firearm enthusiast, Sheen once accidentally shot his fiancée Kelly Preston in the arm, causing her to flee into the nonthreatening arms of future husband John Travolta.  No, really.

The increasingly haggard actor’s utterly unapologetic stance on his history, lifestyle, and self-adulation make Charlie Sheen easily the most knavish of any Rogue of the Week, but this is one entry for which we, as consumers of information, all deserve a share of the credit or blame, to put it more accurately. 

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