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Tuesday, 11 January 2011 12:10

Owen Wilson Is Going to be a Dad

I don’t know about you, but Owen Wilson is one of those guys you want nice things to happen to. He comes across as a really decent fellow who has had some bad luck in the past.

According to Popeater, Owen and his girlfriend Jade Buell are happy to be expecting their first child together. His rep confirmed this to Entertainment Weekly. Word is that the baby is expected any day now.

Sad news in Hollywood today. British filmmaker Peter Yates passed away at the age of 81 on Sunday.

Yates directed Steve McQueen in the classic film Bullitt. The 1968 film featured what is widely regarded as the most thrilling car chase in Hollywood history.

To your average moviegoer, the name ChromeSkull may not sound familiar. Yet to horror fans, he is one of the most terrifying movie madmen in recent years. Laid to Rest featured the slick-suited killer with a “ChromeSkull” silver mask on his face and a video camera attached to his side shoulder. And when this guy wants to play, he plays brutal, fast and bloody.

With Laid to Rest, writer/director Robert Hall brought to life a frightening straight to DVD horror feature that created a whole lot of excitement for genre fans. His movie monster is a clever killer that has an insatiable fetish for blood and gore. The kills were gruesome, especially when one of the poor saps gets the sharp end of the knife through his cheeks; after-wards ChromeSkull proceeds to slice off his face. This is a bloody flick folks.

Technicolor announced today that it will be forming a partnership with Relativity Media. The agreement will include all areas of production and post production including visual effects and film services.

Dinner for Schmucks is the hilarious tale of discovering the good in somebody no matter how hard it is to find. Steve Carell stars, alongside Paul Rudd, with an incredibly versatile cast to back them up. This talented group includes Zach Galifianakis, Bruce Greenwood, Lucy Punch and many more.

Director Jay Roach (The Austin Powers Franchise, Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers) injects a lot of heart to this remake of the 1998 French film Le diner de cons. Jay knows comedy and he understands that tragedy and heartbreak can benefit from humor. He does this especially well in Schmucks, thanks to Carell’s wonderfully insane character.

True Grit finally did it. In its third week of release, The Coen Brothers's highest grossing film to date managed to bump Little Fockers from the number one spot. With the addition of this week's $15 million at the box office, the western's total haul so far is an impressive $110 million. Fockers, however, came in a close second with nearly $13.8 million for the weekend.

As far as new releases go, Nicolas Cage’s latest, Season of the Witch, debuted in the #3 spot with a respectable $10.8 million. Country Strong, featuring Gwyneth Paltrow as a has been country star, expanded into wide release and found itself in the #6 spot, earning $7.3 million.

Riding into theatres this coming Friday, January 14, is the highly anticipated The Green Hornet. Written by Superbad scribes Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the film features Rogan in the lead role of Britt Reid, aka “The Green Hornet”.

Just a few hours ago, iamROGUE.com sat with the very funny and talented Goldberg who was out promoting this unique take on a superhero flick. When asked about a sequel, he was revved up to go. Of course it all depends on the box office that the Hornet can take in.

It seems as if The Hobbit is finally coming together. Warner Bros has announced that it will distribute both films domestically and internationally without MGM, although they will maintain international television rights. The most important thing is that the two part installment will finally be made, and the budget is expected to exceed $500 million.

This summer, Russell Brand will be taking on the remake of Arthur where he’ll play the title role. Dudley Moore originated the lovable lout (opposite Liza Minnelli) in 1981. This modern take on the film features Brand as the happy-go-lucky drunk who is an heir to a vast fortune - that is if he marries a girl he doesn’t love. Ah, romance!

The remake also features the undeniably talented Helen Mirren, Nick Nolte and relative newcomer, Greta Gerwig (House of the Devil, Greenberg, and No Strings Attached).

Thursday, 06 January 2011 23:18

Rogue 5: Sword, Sorcery and Magic Flicks

We’ve been talking a whole lot about Season of the Witch this week. From our exclusive interview with the lovely Claire Foy to our favorite Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman flicks. Thanks to that, we have sword, sorcery and witchcraft on the brain.

Throughout the years, there have been a number of terrific “sword and sorcery” movies that have brought adventure and excitement into movie theatres. And here are five great movies that might help get you in the spirit for Season of the Witch.

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