TRAILER TALK: Cowboys & Aliens

Tuesday, 26 July 2011 15:20
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Are you going to judge that movie based on the trailer? That's such Trailer Talk!

Check out this weekly round up of opinions on our featured movie's trailer from some of the hottest talents in entertainment, sports, and music.

This week we take a look at Cowboys & Aliens.


Jake Bushnell
HB Surround Sound
Favorite Movie: Tombstone, 2nd favorite movie: Aliens; I think we have a collabration that makes me smiley.

  Matt Denne
HB Surround Sound
The best part about the trailer is Daniel Craig's hand cannon. I've always wanted a hand cannon and seeing it on film just makes me want it that much more.
  Chris Dudley
The film itself seems to ooze Hollywood sure-bet success. Jon Favreau, Steven Spielberg, Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig, and Sam Rockwell are a powerhouse team, no doubt. However, with all that going for it, the fact that the trailer seems to tell 90% of the story is fairly off-putting. Even so, it's obvious to anyone who has been paying attention that this is not a new practice. Audiences are becoming more and more weary of spending 15 dollars on a movie unless they know for SURE they are going to like it... and the studios are adapting. Score one for an almost guaranteed summer moneymaker for Universal and Dreamworks, but strike one for a trailer that makes me lose most of my anticipation I had going into this movie.
  Travis Alexander
Ghost Thrower
Holy cow!!!!
  Kirk Huffman
Wild Orchid Children/ Gatsbys American Dream
Okay, who's got free movie passes 'cause I'm f***in' broke? You had me when you said "cowboys and aliens"...holy sh*t, directed by John Kerry's speechwriter?! Just kidding, but I still can't believe it's the guy from King of Queens, nice work ace.
  Greg Lutzka
Pro Skater
I don't think this movie is up my alley.
  Marcel Muniz
Let me start with the fact that Daniel Craig is one of the baddest dudes in town. He kicked some secret agent butt in the newest James Bond movies and now we get to see him kick some cowboys and aliens butt. What's best about this movie is that Craig isn't the only talent they got on cast. Joining forces to mow down some alien tail are legendary Harrison Ford and beautiful Olivia Wilde. And not only that but the director from Iron Man is also shooting the film! Add up the cast and director and you got yourself a guarantee for an amazing film unlike most comic book-based movies. The only complaint I have is that it took so long for it to come out!

Besides getting the opinions of the people above, we also surveyed 100 people at Comic-Con in San Diego, CA this past weekend.

After polling 100 people, here are the results:
42 people "Going to See it Opening Weekend"
37 people "Probably See it in Theaters"
12 people "Going to wait for DVD"
9 people "Won't see it"

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