TRAILER TALK: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Wednesday, 03 August 2011 08:35
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This week we take a look at Rise of the Planet of the Apes.


Robb University
Lights Over Paris
There's not too many trailers that excite me. This was pretty cool. The visuals on it were awesome. The storyline looks really good. Looks like there is an emotional twist to it as well. It just looks really exciting, action-packed so I'm going to check it out for sure.

  Paul Taublieb
Producer - The Vow
I loved the original Planet of the Apes film so I will see this one.
  Rolonda Watts
TV Personality
This looks like a good story but I can't stand animal cruelty. I'm going to pass on this one.
  Chris Dudley
The genesis of a story can be a complicated thing. When you have a franchise that is as established as Planet of the Apes, you have to tread delicately when you are going to tackle something as important and monumental as the origin story. We've seen it done amazingly (see Batman Begins) and we've seen it done... not so amazingly (see X-Men Origins: Wolverine). From the looks of the recently released full trailer for Rise of the Planet of the Apes, I happen to think that this has potential to breathe an entirely new life into a franchise that has gone fairly downhill since the groundbreaking 1968 original (with the exception of the ambitious albeit underwhelming Tim Burton 2001 reboot). 

The tone of this trailer is exactly what I think needs to come from this movie -- It's dark. So many summer blockbusters feel the need to pander to certain audiences that they lose sight of the fact that so much of the source material they are working with is fairly dark. Obviously Christopher Nolan realized this with his sharp turn away from the neon-colored ridiculousness that the Batman franchise had become, and it seems that with this incarnation of the Apes series, Rupert Wyatt has taken a page out of that book. The choice for Wyatt as director of this is an interesting one, which I think speaks volumes as to which direction this film is headed. His previous directorial effort The Escapist is a very dark, gritty prison film and the fact that this film is what got the studio on board with Wyatt as director is very telling. The choice of James Franco to helm the cast and the involvement of John Lithgow are both great signs that this movie could be something special, as both actors haven't made a habit of being in anything that's un-exceptional lately. Also, as a side note, the work of Weta digital will be of interest to me as I maintain that the CGI work in Avatar is really the only redeeming factor of that movie. 

All in all, this trailer shows promise. All the pieces seem to be in place for an at least above-average summer movie. However, as we all know, trailers can be very misleading. It seems that any movie can be cut into a minute and a half of goodness with the right editing and music, so with that, we await August 5th and the final verdict. This is possibly the first in a new, interesting series of Apes films... or it could be just another popcorn big-budget summer blockbuster. This being the origin story of a franchise that has spanned multiple movies, a TV show and comic books, we all know how the story ends, but with that said, I'm dang excited to see how we get there. 

  Kirk Huffman
Wild Orchid Children/ Gatsbys American Dream
This better not suck. Man, don't you f*** with Rod Serling. Ok, wait a minute, am I supposed to believe that James Franco is a scientist? Pass.

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