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Tuesday, 23 August 2011 14:59
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Are you going to judge that movie based on the trailer? That's such Trailer Talk!

Check out this weekly round up of opinions on our featured movie's trailer from some of the hottest talents in entertainment, sports, and music.

This week we take a look at Colombiana.


Felicia Khong
Artist/ Musician: (Jazmin)
I've been a huge fan of [Zoe Saldana] for a while now, and this seems like it's her biggest role yet. I've never seen her in this Angelina Jolie kind of swag so I'm excited to see her pull it off. My favorite part of the trailer is the scene with Michael Vartan. I'm sure all the ladies can agree that he's back and looking good as usual so that's another reason to see this film.

  Chris Dudley
In looking for something in the Columbiana trailer that stands out as original or, at the very least, not well-worn territory of other films, I've come up short. Seemingly equal parts The Professional, The Transporter Series, La Femme Nikita (or Point of No Return), and any number of direct to DVD films, there is nothing here that makes me think I'll have a better or different experience seeing this in the theater rather than staying home to watch any of the aforementioned films. Also, each of the major players in the crew (Director Olivier Megaton, Writers Luc Besson and Robert Kamen, Director of Photgraphy Romain Lacourbas, and Editor Camille Delamarre) were a part of at least one of those films, which doesn't instill any more confidence that they are shooting for anything more than a small variation on what has come before. Without a doubt there are going to be explosive action sequences, impressive stunts, and enough bullets to take down an entire infantry, but will it be done any differently or with any more fervor than the other films of this type that have preceded it? That remains to be seen, but I'm not holding my breath. 
  Rolonda Watts
TV Personality
Anytime a women is playing a action pack heroin roll, I definitely want to see it! I've met Zoe a couple times and will support her by seeing the film in theaters.
  Jake Bushnell
HB Surround Sound
OK... this trailer is bad-ass! I love action movies, especially if revenge is the plot. Zoe is super hot and the hand to hand fighting choreography looks like it's done well. I will definitely be seeing this on opening day.
  Tyler Stone
Zoe looks hot in this movie with her tight outfits. I won't see it this weekend because I still need to see Conan, but I think I will see it in theaters.

Besides getting the opinions of the people above, we also surveyed 100 people at the Sunset Strip Music Festival in Los Angeles, CA.

After polling 100 people, here are the results:
23 people "Going to See it Opening Weekend"
27 people "Probably See it in Theaters"
29 people "Going to wait for DVD"
21 people "Won't see it"

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