EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Felicity Huffman and Amanda Peet Talk 'Trust Me'

Monday, 02 June 2014 22:10
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Opening in theaters on June 6th and currently available on VOD and iTunes is the new comedy from director/writer/actor Clark Gregg (The Avengers, The To Do List). In addition to Gregg, the film features an impressive cast of actors that includes Academy Award-nominee Felicity Huffman (Transamerica), Amanda Peet (Identity Thief), Sam Rockwell (The Way Way BackAllison Janney (The Way Way Back), Molly Shannon (Hotel Transylvania), Paul Sparks (Mud), Saxon Sharbino (I Spit on Your Grave) and Academy Award-nominee William H. Macy (Fargo). 

IAR's Managing Editor Jami Philbrick recently had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with Felicity Huffman and Amanda Peet to talk about their work on Trust Me. The two accomplished actresses discussed their new film, working with writer/director/actor Clark Gregg, the movie's depiction of Hollywood, not actually having any scenes together, wanting to work together some day, why Trust Me should be an HBO series, Peet's playwriting career, why she doesn't want to ever direct, Huffman's long history with Gregg, their training with David Mamet, Huffman's husband William H. Macy's appearance in the film, and Peet's character's relationship with Gregg's character.  

To watch our exclusive extended interview with Felicity Huffman and Amanda Peet about Trust Me, please click on the video player above. 


A struggling agent for child actors and former child star himself, Howard Holloway (Gregg) spends years losing his most talented clients to his slick, arch-nemesis Aldo Shocklee (Rockwell).

Trust Me opens in theaters on June 6th and is currently available on VOD and iTunes.  

To watch our exclusive extended interview with Clark Gregg and Saxon Sharbino about Trust Me and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., please click here

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