EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Harry Treadaway and Rose Leslie Talk 'Honeymoon'

Tuesday, 09 September 2014 22:19
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Opening in theaters on September 12th is the new horror film Honeymoon, which marks the directorial debut of Leigh Janiak. The movie stars Rose Leslie (HBO's Game of Thrones), Harry Treadaway (The Lone Ranger), Ben Huber (Dick Night), and Hanna Brown (Southland of the Heart). 

IAR's Managing Editor Jami Philbrick recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Harry Treadaway and Rose Leslie to talk about their work on Honeymoon. The talented young actor and actress discussed their new film, having the worst honeymoon ever, the script's genre bending twists, playing characters that are "loosing their marbles," creating their own backstories, and how love kept their characters together. 

To watch our exclusive interview with Harry Treadaway and Rose Leslie about Honeymoon, please click on the video player above. 


A newlywed couple finds their lake-country honeymoon descend into chaos after Paul (Treadaway) finds Bea (Leslie) wandering and disoriented in the middle of their first night.

Honeymoon opens in theaters on September 12th. 

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