'Jackass 3D', Burgers, Beer and Comic Con 2010!

Thursday, 29 July 2010 08:44
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What could be cooler than having a brew, a burger and hanging out with the fellas from Jackass? Hell yeah is what I say, and that is exactly what iamROGUE did when Paramount celebrated the release of Jackass 3-D at Comic Con this year.

With a balls to the wall party, and a truck decked out to celebrate the event, fans and critics could get a glimpse of the movie in all its glory… there was a party goin’ on right here.

While there, we discussed the kinds of things that would be coming out at you on the screen (ie. Penises, vomit and pee) with Bam Margera. We even chilled a bit with Steve O. Either way, this was a perfect way to celebrate being a Jackass and of course, not trying any of this at home.

For fans only, what is your favorite Jackass moment?

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