SAFE HAVEN is a novel that I'm not only proud to have written, but a novel that I wasn’t ready to write even a few years ago. While it has key elements common to all my novels--complex characters, a small town setting in eastern North Carolina, a moving love story--it's also a departure in that the novel could also be called a thriller. Excitement and danger continue to build throughout the story and it's my hope that you'll enjoy it as much as you've enjoyed any of my previous work, but in a slightly different way. And the ending ... Let's just say I've tried to write a novel that will surprise my readers, and I think that's one of the reasons that Relativity Media has already purchased the film rights. I'm excited to hear the reactions from both my readers and from those who will eventually see the film in theaters, and can't wait to see a number of you while I'm out on tour.

- Nicholas Sparks